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Puerto San Martin Integrated Petrochemical Complex

This complex is located in the province of Santa Fe, a strategic area for logistics and exports. It was the first petrochemical complex established in South America and started operations in 1966. Ever since, due to continuous capacity improvements, it has supplied both domestic and international markets.

The facility covers an area of 250 hectares and mainly producing styrene, ethylene, ethylbenzene. Also, the plant produces: rubber (for tires and shoe soles) brand Arpol and Arnipol, aromatic and solvents (for other industries and for naphtha production), and propellants (a key element for deodorants).

The plant has an annual production capacity of 50 thousand ton (‘kton’) of gases (liquefied petroleum gas – LPG -, which is used as raw material, and propellant), 155 kton of aromatics, 290 kton of gasoline and refined products, 160 kton of styrene, 55 kton of SBR, 180 kton of ethyl benzene and 31 kton of ethylen.

Polystyrene Plant in Zarate

It is located in the city of Zarate, province of Buenos Aires, on the Paraná de las Palmas river. Together with Campana, it is located in one of the most important industrial complex of Argentina. The plant produces polystyrene at two degrees: general purpose (GPPS) and high impact (HIPS) and is marketed under the Innova brand. 

We are the only national integrated producer of polystyrene, with a production capacity of 65 kton per year.